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In todays modern culture, were used to firearms made from exotic materials, with hightechnology features that maximize killing power. Find great deals on ebay for m3 grease gun and m3a1 grease gun. We are open, but orders may be delayed unexpectedly. Sam3a1s with new improved design in full production. An encyclopedia of history, politics, culture, and the law, page. The trustworthy thompson was a reliable, battle tested weapon. Influenced by the german mp 40 and the british sten, the.

History merchandise get your copy of simple history. Pick the right tool for the joband remember, if it isnt in your tool box, it isnt right for the job because you dont have it. Its the perfect gun for the shoot first, look where youre shooting later kind of guy. Schiffer publishing american submachine guns 19191950. Military history world war 2 books military history. The design of the m3 was carried out in parallel with research on the improvement of weapons production.

A contemporary of the mp40 and sten and progenitor of the. Thanks to its readily removable barrel, the m3 and m3a1 submachine gun was an easy gun to adapt to use with a suppressor or as it was called at the time, a silencer. The m3 grease gun is an osprey weapon series book, authored by leroy thompson, with illustrations by adam hook. In december of 1942 they adopted a new submachine gun, the m3. Buy the m3 grease gun weapon by thompson, leroy, hook, adam, gilliland, alan isbn. We additionally offer variant types and in addition to type of the books to browse. Born of the necessities and exigencies of a full national wartime mobilization, it is best known for the economy of scale it provided and the modesty of its manufacturing costs.

M3 grease gun 9x19mm parabellum the m3, nicknamed the grease gun for its resemblance to the mechanics tool, is a very simple submachine gun developed during world war ii as a lowcost alternative to the thompson. This is the m3 grease gun military history book by osprey publishing. The m3 grease gun by leroy thompson, adam hook, and alan. The american m3 crease gun was the equivalent of the british sten, german mp40 and russian ppsh, for it was designed for mass production. An improved variant, the m3a1, was favored by armored crews right up to. The m3 was a superior alternative to the thompson submachine gun. The modified m3 grease gun in wwii world war media. The sten submachine gun officially the carbine, machine, sten was developed to fulfill the pressing british need for large quantities of cheaply produced weapons after dunkirk, when german invasion was a very real possibility.

Another excellent tome from osprey lent to me by jim but he wanted it back for his growing collection of these fine gun books. M3 grease gun 1 download free m3 grease gun pdf book m3 grease gun right here, we have countless ebook m3 grease gun and collections to check out. Designed to replace the expensive thompson smg, the m3 was issued to airborne troops and others during. The m3 was commonly referred to as the grease gun or simply the greaser, owing to its visual similarity to the mechanics tool. Penned by prolific writer leroy thompson, author of such books as dead clients dont pay, the m1 garand and at least 50 other books from assorted publishers, the m3 grease gun is illustrated by adam hook and alan gilliland. The m3 grease gun was simple yet effective design which saw both sides of the receiver stamped from mild steel sheets. The first third of the book is devoted to the long developmental history of the m3. I did not know much about this machinegun tho saw it in films as a kid. Heres the rest of the storied, and musical, history. Make offer usgi m3 medic bag w bandages field dressings 1960s vietnam w sling first aid vietnam military lot. Commonly known as the grease gun because of its similarity in appearance to the mechanics tool of the same name, the m3 submachine gun was the simplest firearm issued to u. Army service on 12 december 1942, as the united states submachine gun, cal.

How did the m3 submachine gun compare to the thompson. It was a sound enough weapon but the us troops never really took to the type, preferring the expensive thompson submachine gun. All parts complete with flame cut demilled receiver to batf specs ready to rebuild into nonfiring display piece. The automatic, systematic, hydromatic m3 grease gun my. Thought id share some of my m3 grease gun smg photos. Suppressed oss m3 grease gun and bushmaster booby trap. Apex gun parts is your source for hard to find gun parts, parts kits, and accessories. Subjects include history, production, maintenance, ammunition, silenced versions, accessories and more. Uk based osprey publishing tells us theyre releasing the latest in their weapons series this may. Another third discusses its fielding and gradual acceptance by a variety of users. After the ww2, m3 submachine guns, along with the m3a1 variant designed in 1944, remained in service. Over four million were built during world war ii, and the sten was widely used by airborne troops, tankers, and others who needed a compact weapon with. In brief, the m3 was cheaper to produce, fired more accurately, had a lighter composition, and fired the equivalent 0. When he heard i was firing a considerable number of different firearms, he strongly recommended i shot the grease gun which was on my list and.

He specializes in detailed historical reconstructions, and has. We set ourselves apart by supplying unique parts at a good value and standing by our products by offering outstanding customer service. The m3 and m3a1 submachine guns, also known as grease guns due to their similarity in appearance to the mechanics tool, served an important role not only in world war ii, but in many. The m3 grease gun by leroy thompson, 9781472811073, available at book. A faithful recreation of the venerable m3a1, using several usgi parts. Everybody from any nation including the chinese communists who got to use the thompson liked it a lot. The gratifying book, fiction, history, novel, scientific research.

Please consider supporting our videos on patreon the design by general john j. The three versions of the weapon were the model 50, the folding stock model 55, and the semiautomatic model 60 rifle. Its effectiveness ensured that it would continue use decades later and is. The m3 submachine gun, known as grease gun, entered service at the end of 1942. Us m33a1 submachine gun the grease gun history production models reference book. Beginning with the legendary thompson submachine, its design, construction, and testing in the early 1920s, as well as its use by the us marine corps, the irish. Designed to replace the expensive thompson smg, the m3 was issued to airborne troops and others during world war ii thanks to its compact design with sliding wire stock. M3 grease gun submachine gun world war ii database. Designed to replace the expensive thompson smg, the m3 was. The m3 looks a little like a grease gun, so that name stuck, and the weapon would go on to serve into the 1990s as tank crewmens weapon.

It fired a heavy, hardhitting bullet at over 600 rounds per minute. But some technological advances that came in the earlier part of the 20th centry werent exactly meant for the history books. Take, for example, this m3 submachine gun with a curved barrel for shooting around corners. The m3 had a long service life, from the second world war to operation desert storm. Was the m3 grease gun or thompson a better firearm to. Us m33a1 submachine gun the grease gun history production. The m3 grease gun was an economical submachine gun weapon designed during world war 2 19391945 intended to arm the large quantity of incoming american troops with an equallylarge quantity of small arms. Examining the m3m3a1 submachine gun the rudimentary m3 grease gun was widely used in allied armored vehicles during world war ii because it was compact enough to get into and out of a tank turret easily. An improved variant, the m3a1, was favored by armored crews right up. M3 grease gun georgia packing keeping you informed. Even after 68 years of production, if united states submachine gun, cal. The m3a1 was a simple no nonsense weapon that filled the tank crewmen dismounted weapon role fairly well, and thats why it no one bothered to replace the thing. In 1944 the grease gun was the right tool for a number of jobsthough the m1 carbine was issued in larger numbers over six million m1 carbines built versus roughly 600,000 m3 and m3a1 submachine guns. Over 100,000 reisings were ordered during world war ii, and were initially used by the united.

Hobbylinc carries over 1,900 ospreypublishing military history books at discounts up to 35%. In vietnam, the grease gun was a favorite because it provided instant closerange firepower, was tolerant of the field environment and was easy to maintain. We specialize in all military surplus weapons from ak47s, ar15s, mausers, cetme, enfields, uzis, and much more. This book tells the complete story of this remarkable weapon, from development and manufacturing, to combat. Today, we have a chance to take a look at a suppressed m3 grease gun, as purchased and issued by the office of strategic services the oss. Militariauniforms, headgear, weapons schiffer publishing. The book extensively covers the use of a knife in selfdefense. While the m3 was no more effective than the tommy gun, it was made primarily of stamped parts and welded together, and so, it could be produced much faster and at fraction of the cost of a thompson.

Total of 166 pages with lots of information and pictures. Most folks think that the m3 grease gun submachine gun of world war ii fame was created in response to the success of the german mp38, mp40 and british sten machine guns. I have the great fortune of knowing dolf goldsmith, who is well know in the realm of automatic weapons. Read the m3 grease gun by leroy thompson, adam hook, alan gilliland for free with a 30 day free trial. Thompson smg, m3 grease gun, reising, ud m42, and accessories americas famous and influential wwii submachine guns smgs are all featured in this fully illustrated book.

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